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David Dean’s First Podcast

David Dean’s First Podcast

I hope you and your families are well and safe throughout these interesting times we all face right at the moment with the corona virus.  I hope you are all staying at home in lock down and keeping your social distance from everyone else who is not family.

Here at Hostile Entertainment and David Dean Events I have had to either cancel or postpone about 15 gigs and events that I was either running and promoting or involved in some way or other in March, April, May, June and July.  Some of  them weren’t announced but they were about to be made live and go on sale.  There were also other shows/events I was working on for later in the year that now most likely won’t happen.  Some of these acts/shows will happen again later in the year or in 2021 once we know when venues/pubs/clubs can reopen.  I hope the entertainment industry can recover and return bigger and better as a lot of people in it have lost everything and a lot more than what I have.  Please go to Support Act which the website link is below to see how you can donate to the music industry’s leading charity to help.


Also, throughout these interesting and hard times for artists and musos please follow your favourite acts/bands either locally or nationally and buy their music and merch and follow them on their social media sites and streaming platforms, so they can make some money while they can’t tour and play live.

I have been trying to stay busy and not get bored like you all most likely are doing.  Throughout this time I have been thinking a lot and coming up with some new ideas/projects to work on as no one knows how long this lock down and virus will go on for.

The first new project that I have come up with my good friend, Adam Bean (Beanie) is a podcast which we can do over the internet and Skype.  We did our first one last week where Beanie interviewed me.

The podcast is called Sunshine Coast Business Podcast and the first episode  is called “Blind Luck ~ Defying The Odds, Getting On With Running Businesses And Living Life”.

I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate any feedback about it.

You can listen/stream/download it via the following link: 

On the podcast, I also mention my other business Turn Up – The Sunshine Coast’s Premier Music Industry conference and how we started it.

Please subscribe to this podcast to listen to all future ones.

Please get in contact with us either at the bottom of the podcast link or email me here if you want to be interviewed on this podcast we are going to be doing if you run a business and have a good story to tell.  Please email me what your business is, where you are based, what you do or sell, what your story is and why we should have you on it.  If you also know anyone else who would be good to interview, please tell them to get in contact with us.

If you or anyone you know runs a podcast at all, please let me know if you want me to come on it and share my story as I am looking for podcasts to go on and be interviewed.

This is only one idea/project I have at the moment and am trying to do while I am not so busy with organising and promoting shows/events for the next few months.  We all need to try to keep going and stay positive in these interesting times and come up with new ideas/business opportunities if we can.  Now is a bad time for business and us all but now is the time to do something new you have wanted to do for a long time and I think everyone is going to need to have some kind of an online business or way to earn some extra money now and into the future.

Please let me know if you are going to do anything new and exciting that could become a new business in the coming months while you are at home and have the time to do it as I would love to hear what you are up to and doing.

I really hope everyone stays safe and well and we can all work together to get rid of this virus and try to go back to normal what ever this is in the next three to six months hopefully.

I will let you all know my future plans/ideas/projects as well as when shows/events can happen again and we can all go out to catch up and have fun as well as what shows I have postponed and re-announced very soon.

Thank you, take care  and speak to you very soon.